Eat for Energy

This is a 6 week course or 3 day retreat full of fun, food demonstrations and finding out how to nurture your body into healthiness and happiness with good nutrition and sound naturopathic philosophy!

Learn how to make your body smile at a deep cellular level so that each and every cell from head to toe will be being fed the right stuff to thrive not just survive! The course includes a new and sustainable way of eating with demonstrations and ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and sugar free sweets based on sound nutritional guidelines. This is NOT a diet – it is a healthy way of eating for life!

Naturopathic Nutrition has helped thousands of people regain and maintain fantastic health. Are you interested in preventative health methods? Do you want to help you and your family to greater well-being by learning what to eat? Is there a need for you to make changes to help heal “dis-ease” in your body. Eat for Energy is suitable for anybody or everybody wishing to enhance their health and that of others through good nutrition.

You will receive hand-outs for every session so no need for copious note-taking and no homework! The cost of the evening course is £160 for the 6 weeks which may be spread over the cost of the course. The cost of the residential course is £225.  Small concessions available also.

Current course available:  3 day residential at Reeth, near Richmond, North Yorkshire: 22nd to 25th June

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