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Baby Weaning Seminar


A training day for parents and health practitioners


“Infancy is a critical window of time, for if the neurons are not properly formed and connections properly made, the effects can haunt a child for his or her lifetime. When the foundation of the brain’s architecture is properly in place, it can set the stage for a future filled with potential. During the first year of life the brain still demands an astonishing sixty percent of the total energy taken in by the infant”

Michael A. Schmidt – Brain-Building Nutrition

Training outcomes met by the seminar are as follows:

  • Guidance on the introduction of appropriate foods, portion sizes and feeding routines dependent on baby’s age; along with suggestions as to presenting this information in a user friendly way to parents.
  • Strategies for running weaning groups underpinned with sound nutrition knowledge with regard to baby’s development – in particular brain development, and consideration of the numerous learning disorders now suffered.
  • Ways of presenting a variety of foods to widen dietary experience and support whole family health using simple teaching methods and equipment
  • Demonstrations of appropriate food preparation for different weaning methods using varied food groups suitable for young infants.
  • Awareness of food intolerances and allergies and advice on nourishing unprocessed alternatives
  • Anti nutrients in diet and their impact on health from a young age, e.g. preventing obesity, diabetes, heart disease.
  • A brief look at nutrition in pregnancy – its effects on mother and developing baby.
  • A review of World Health Organisation and U.K. Department of Health guidelines with regard to breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning and up-to-date statistics and the key nutrition information for encouraging continued breast feeding.
  • Detailed understanding of why it is nutritionally best for baby to wait until six months before weaning commences; and practical ways of empowering parents with relevant knowledge at an earlier stage.
  • Every Child Matters – helping meet the health objectives set out by this.
  • Teaching strategies for working with hard-to-reach families


We provide baby weaning seminars in house throughout the UK in addition to open courses at various locations during the year. If you are a health professional working in the UK with parents and young infants and have an interest in discussing the Baby Weaning seminar please contact us.

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