Sugar Blues

How does Sugar affect the Nervous System and what impact might that have on mood?

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Sugar & Sweetness West Vs East

What effect does excess Sugar have on the body, why might we be craving that Sweetness?

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Caffeine, Body Weight & Blood Sugar

Caffeine has an impact on blood sugar levels and ultimately on body weight and where we store fat.

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Caffeine & Female Detoxification

Women’s ability to detoxify substances changes throughout the course of their menstrual cycles. Drinking a caffeinated beverage before ovulation is much more easily detoxified than after ovulation.

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Caffeine & Stress

Caffeine targets the adrenal glands to raise our blood sugar for energy. What impact does this have on our physiology long term?

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Caffeine & Exercise

Exercise depletes us of water, what are the effects of drinking a caffeinated beverage before exercise?

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Caffeine on a Monday?

How does our heart feel about us drinking caffeine on a Monday morning – is the effect the same as normal?

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Potage Bonne Femme

Leek Carrot and Potato Soup

Potage Bonne Femme – my Mum used to make this soup – to perfection – the recipe asks for a teaspoon of brown sugar – which she always used to include. 😉 Some French recipes suggest a glass of white wine! 😆 I compromise with a flat teaspoon of honey […]

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Green Lentil Soup

A cold day soup – earthy feeling and warming!

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My Health, My Choice… Your Health, Your Choice… Children’s Health, Their Parent’s Choice

Over the years, several clients who have been healing a health issue using 100% natural methods, have mentioned that people of their acquaintance diagnosed with the same condition, or friends or family have attacked the holistic approach they were using to heal, stating that they should have the full range of treatment offered by […]

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