suzy wellbeingWith Employee absenteeism at a rate of about 8 days per year and a cost of £600 per employee* would you like to take a supportive and creative stance to improve staff well-being?

Look After You offers  a 90 minute seminar to help inspire well-being in the workplace The presentation provides up-to-date, clear, simple advice on changing nutrition to re-gain health and energy and answers the mind boggling question: “To supplement or not to supplement.”

Following the seminar, each delegate will receive a booklet to expand on information given and continue support in making sustainable changes to diet along with relevant supplementation to optimise well-being.

Address stress and illness pro actively in your workplace by providing your employees with a tool kit for improving their health and ability to manage stress with support from good nutrition and relevant supplementation. Cost of seminar per delegate £36.

*CIPD figures