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Feedback from our seminars

“I thought the day was brilliant, I learned so much about nutrition in one day! I thought your style was great you kept me interested all day. I started to put things into practice the very next day with the Friday baby group.”

“Attending Suzy Sheratt’s baby weaning seminar gave me the knowledge and confidence to lead weaning workshops on my own. Giving relevant information and advice to mums with baby’s coming up to weaning age. They all go home a bit more relaxed, filled with more knowledge on how to give their babies a healthy start in life and an understanding of why they shouldn’t introduce food too early. Thank you for an informative, interesting and enjoyable work shop.”

“Really informative. Lots of creative ideas to try out and give to parents.”

“A very useful course. I will definitely be ‘spreading the word’ and hopefully helping parents through a sometimes ‘stressful’ time.”

“Extremely informative and will provide a good basis for us to give information to our parents.”

“Thank you for a truly amazing and life changing day. I now have lots of information to support the families I work with.”

“Suzy was a mine of information, so well informed and knowledgeable, fascinating.”

“Thank you, after your workshop, I am now running NutriBaby Weaning Workshops, teaching parents how to nourish their babies by preparing real food instead of commercial baby food.”

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