Juice Detox Retreat 2023

Look After You’s Juice Detox Retreat is a fully supported event with Naturopathic support and Nutrition advice on hand.  It enables you to learn how to deeply nourish and care for your body and help it to detoxify using invaluable Naturopathic techniques that have assisted natural healing for eons. There is oodles of information on how to best Look After You, including visualisations, journalling, “me-time” encouraged, laughter and reflection – a healing space! Please see dates and costs below.

You will start with a Nutrition consultation six weeks before your Juice Detox Retreat with advice to help you nourish your body and prepare it for the nine day Juice Detox phase. Preferably, you would need the three days of the actual Juice Detox Retreat completely free of work commitments whilst you are away.

Dates 2022 Retreats:

Spring Equinox Retreats:

5pm March 10th – 2pm March 13th 2023

5pm March 13th – 2pm March 16th 2023

Retreat Costs and Terms:

Nutrition Consultation & Update with Preparation Advice for pre Detox 6 week phase

Cost £430 payable in three instalments. Non refundable deposit of £150 on booking, payable immediately. Two remaining instalments of £140 each, payable February 17th and March 10th. 

The costs include your initial one to one consultation worth £50, and short weekly health & food inspiration videos with a reminder to let Suzy know how you are doing each week, until the retreat space.  You will receive one to one support during your three Juice Detox days and full Nutritional & Naturopathic support from Suzy.  All appropriate detox food is provided and prepared for you as are  relevant supplements and naturopathic resources. Two relaxing treatments are also included, a Hand Reflexology and a Foot Reflexology treatment. Departure Day includes a light Lunch to break your fast.

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