At Home Juice Detox 2021

Look After You’s At Home Juice Detox is a fully supported 7 week course with Naturopathic support and Nutrition advice on hand.  It enables you to learn how to deeply nourish and care for your body and help it to detoxify using invaluable Naturopathic techniques that have assisted natural healing for eons. In the group support there is oodles of new information on how to best Look After You, visualisations, journalling, “me-time” encouraged, laughter and reflection – a healing space! Please see dates and costs below.

Suzy provides information during the six evenings of the weekly course to help your body prepare for the nine day Juice Detox phase. Preferably, you would need the three days of the Juice Detox free of work commitments.

Dates 2021 Retreats:

Spring Equinox:

Evening course March 24th – April 28th 2021 followed by nine day Juice Detox space May 3rd – May 11th 2021

Autumn Equinox:

Evening course July 20th – August 24th 2021 followed by nine day Juice Detox space August 25th – September 2nd 2021

Retreat Costs and Terms:

Six week evening course plus nine day Juice Detox space with daily support

Cost £260 payable in two instalments of £130

Discounted by 15% to £221 for past attendees of Juice Detoxes or Energy Journey payable in two instalments.

The costs include your initial one to one consultation, six evening group sessions and nine morning group sessions with one to one support for your three Juice Detox days along with relevant supplements and full nutritional and naturopathic support from Suzy. 

Yoga sessions with Sam take place during the three Juice Detox days

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