New Year Juice Detox … No thanks, it’s Winter!

Last year, Jason Vale exhorted a 28 day Juice detox through several social media and this year has seen a flood of recommendations to do 3 or 5 day juice detoxes with some businesses offering to ship out the juices to you.  I had a good handful of new clients arrive for an appointment in […]

Castor Oil Packing

A useful Naturopathic technique
Naturopathic techniques are a helpful support for detoxing the body that Look After You work with and advise use of, alongside changes in Nutrition.  A cleaner, lighter way of eating will often prompt the body to sweep away the cobwebs and when that waste starts moving, it can be challenging for […]

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Cabbage Juice

Fresh back from the Look After You Summer Solstice Juice Retreat.  I always make myself a fresh vegetable juice most mornings – it’s a very energising way to start the day.  Recently I have been using cabbage in my juice to a greater degree.  Brickyard Organic Farm at Badsworth grows the most amazing range […]

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