As Hippocrates once said “Let Food Be Your Medicine and Let Medicine Be Your Food”.

It is well known now that as much ‘we are what we eat’, we are also what we can absorb. There is so much information available from multiple sources that finding a way of eating for life that really nurtures us can be confusing.

The term ‘Detox’ often comes up. Look After You offer advice on Naturopathic techniques alongside the Nutrition to help support the body’s detoxification process that follows ongoing dietary changes. Naturopathy offers a safe and natural means of returning to good health and wellbeing.

The benefits of good nutrition are multiple…

…here are some of them

  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Good nutrition is essential for body systems to function optimally for a lifetime
  • Healthy diet provides energy, promotes good sleep, and gives the body-mind what it needs to maintain physical and mental well-being
  • Appropriate fats support heart function for life
  • An alkalising diet keeps our bones and teeth strong and healthy
  • EPIC Norfolk study shows that healthy lifestyle can increase life by 14 years!

Naturopathy supports the body’s detoxification pathways radically increasing energy and well-being.

Do You Want to use Nutrition and Naturopathy to find a way to feel great and look healthy every day?

Suzy Sherratt has been in practicing Nutrition with Naturopathy for the last 22 years. She is fascinated and inspired by how food can improve and enhance wellbeing. There is a wealth of research illustrating how Nutrition is the key building block to a return to health and a long traditional history of using simple Naturopathic techniques for cleansing at a cellular level to allow that renourishment to occur.

If you know that what you do to maintain your health makes a difference and you would like to know how, I would love to support you in making changes to support your return to wellbeing. Email me or call me to find out if you would like to work with me.