Over the years, several clients who have been healing a health issue using 100% natural methods, have mentioned that people of their acquaintance diagnosed with the same condition, or friends or family have attacked the holistic approach they were using to heal, stating that they should have the full range of treatment offered by the NHS.  It got me thinking about whose choice it is for the treatment medium we choose for our body and also what personal responsibility we are able to take when we become unwell.

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Personal responsibility in the sense of what I can do to help myself heal.  Obviously, one of the first modalities I would suggest is Nutrition; I often cite the idea that we are a little like computers… not garbage in, garbage out … but garbage in, mind and body feel like garbage!  Naturopathy will also help the body by detoxifying the acidic wastes that build up in the cells, tissues and organs over time.  Physical therapies like Reflexology and Massage create a meditative, deeply relaxing space and help rebalance meridian energy, relax nervous and muscular systems and allow the blood and lymph to flow to all the right places! Consideration of the journey from past to now and the mental and emotional patterns that have lead to our present health picture are also important.

In particular, it also got me musing over being a parent and how you have 100% care and responsibility for your infants and children’s health as they grow up.  Two significant choices I made were as follows:

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Firstly, we declined all inoculations for my daughters, due to vaccine-induced epilepsy in my youngest sibling.  I did an enormous amount of research before the decision, there is a lot of information suppressed by the mainstream media, medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies.  The healthiest preventatives for illness are mum’s breast milk which is rich in anti-bodies followed by excellent fresh nutrition, both of which build strong immunity. Secondly, any acute illnesses during my daughters’ childhoods were treated with rest, water, and sometimes homeopathy or herbs.  Neither of them were ever treated with anti-biotics.  Using those protocols were mine and my husband’s choice and that is where the power should continue to lay for all parents when caring for the health of their children.

Now that they are grown though and have left home, I have had to learn to refrain from giving health advice for any complaints they may have, just as I do with the rest of my family and my friends.  At 36 and 32 years of age, their bodies are no longer my responsibility which is hard considering how involved I was as one of their parents. I am so glad when they do ask for advice but it is up to them then to decide what they wish to do with my advice!

Getting back to the original trigger for my thoughts, what do you feel? Do we have the right to give family, friends or even acquaintances our opinion on their health choices?  From observation of clients over the years, family and friends can unwittingly place additional stress and pressure on someone with a chronic diagnosis that they could well do without… when what they really need is unstinting practical and emotional support no matter what their choice. Reflecting further on the current climate, do governments and profit driven oligarchy such as Bill Gates have the right to make health choices for us? Personally, I think not. Vaccines contain a long list of ingredients that I would not choose to have injected into my bloodstream. Far more empowering, is to make positive lifestyle choices that will keep my immune system high and my body healthy naturally.

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