fullmoonWith two eclipses approaching with the New Moon on September 13th and with the Full Moon on September 28th, it seemed like a good idea to describe the physics of the Moon and its effects on the Earth and on ourselves.

Full Moon:

  • Moon furthest away from Sun on opposite side of Earth
  • Sun’s gravitational pull on Moon has an influence on Earth’s Ionosphere
  • Ionosphere – layer of positively charged dust & particles 75 miles above Earth’s surface
  • At Full Moon, gravity pushes Ionosphere towards surface of the Earth
  • Positive ions from Ionosphere mix with negative ions in Earth’s atmosphere
  • Air we breathe in is more positively charged
  • Our blood and walls of arteries are normally negatively charged
  • A double negative charge allows an easy flow across the membranes
  • More positively charged blood means a stickier mix, with poorer oxygenation – we are at our most toxic

New Moon:

  • At the New Moon, the Moon is closest to the Sun
  • The gravitational pull of the Sun pulls the Moon away from Earth
  • The Ionosphere expands and more negative ions are available
  • Increase in negative ions ensures easy blood flow
  • The body is able to detoxify freely

Where there is an Eclipse, either Solar or Lunar, this would make the impact of the Moon on the Ionosphere stronger, because the Sun and Moon are in such close alignment with each other.  Either the Full or New Moon can be uncomfortable because chronic symptoms can become more severe and acute illness like colds or ‘influenza can be triggered by them!!

In ‘Moontime’ by Johanna Paunnger and Thomas Poppe write of the Moon passing through a particular astrological sign every few days and that each sign rules a part of the body.  While the Moon passing through a sign it is beneficial to support the organ it rules:

  • Aries: Head, Brain, Face
  • Taurus: Neck, Throat, teeth, Thyroid, Tonsils, Ears
  • Gemini: Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Nervous System
  • Cancer: Chest, Lungs, Liver, Gall bladder, Stomach
  • Leo: Heart, Spine, Diaphragm, Circulation of Arteries
  • Virgo: Digestive organs, Nerves, Spleen, Pancreas
  • Libra: Kidneys, Bladder, Hips
  • Scorpio: Sex Organs, Ureter
  • Saggitarius:  Thighs, Veins
  • Capricorn: Knees, Bones, Teeth, Skin
  • Aquarius: Lower leg, Veins
  • Pisces: Feet, Toes, Lymphatic System